Joanne Furniss
Joanne Furniss

Joanne Furniss is a journalist with ten years’ experience in BBC radio, online and television. She is a proficient writer and editor, with a wide range of travel experience. After seven years with the BBC in England, she relocated to Cameroon where she continued to work as a freelance journalist. When she transferred to Singapore two years later, she moved into corporate work and took on editing commissions. Since arriving in Switzerland, she has also edited the English-language version of Nobel laureate Gerard ‘t Hooft’s successful popular-science book Playing with Planets.

When she arrived in Singapore in 2006, her journalistic and travel experience secured her the job of Travel Analyst for Control Risks in their Asia hub. The move to Singapore followed a two-year stint in Cameroon, West Africa, where she set up as a freelance journalist reporting predominantly for the BBC. Working in English and French, she produced a wide range of stories for international and UK domestic radio, as well as online and magazines.

In 2004, she was one of a small group of journalists asked by the World Bank to travel to Chad to attend the inauguration of a new oil pipeline, Africa's biggest single investment project. Following this she made her first radio documentary for the BBC World Service series African Perspective. Later that year she made a second programme, this time about corruption.

Before leaving the UK, she worked exclusively for the BBC. During her time at the national news station BBC 5-Live, she worked on an award-winning documentary about the difficulties facing aspiring football players from ethnic minority backgrounds in the UK, which won the 2001 ‘Race in the Media Award’. She has worked as a reporter, producer, researcher, presenter and newsreader in TV and Radio.

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